Line Dancing with Found Pen

Remember that pen I found  a week or so ago? I’ve been taking it out for a spin around the sketchbook dance floor.  Thought you might like to see some of the dances…

…views from our back deck,

…front yard,

…neighbor houses and yards.

Someone asked on the previous post, if this pen was waterproof.  Yes! It is!  It is a ballpoint pen, though very fine (not thick and bold).  My one wish is that it had a bit darker ink…but then I might get glops of ink and it might not flow so well on the paper, so I’ll take it out line dancing again and again as it is.  My husband gave me a pen he found (also a Uniball pen) thinking I would like it as well.  It turned out NOT to be a ballpoint pen…one of those felt tip kind and I couldn’t get my groove on line dancing with that thing.  Oh well.  I quickly abandoned it in favor of my “found” pen.  I’m gonna have to see where I can find (purchase:) some more of these…I have a feeling I’ll wear out its shoes (ink) in no time.  Ok, stopping now.  Gotta.  Go.  Dance.

0 thoughts on “Line Dancing with Found Pen

  1. Alex Tan says:

    The new found pen has found a new owner, the new found pen has been busy, the new found pen has found a purpose. The new found pen is HAPPY ^^
    Lovely sketches Jennifer, the owner of the new found pen.

  2. jenpedwards says:

    Oh my…thank you so much everybody! Your kind words inspire me to keep dancing! I hope you are dancin’ too!

  3. Kathleen says:

    Fabulous! Ii am in awe of the dance and sway of the line!!! You are very talented….IIII have a LOT of work to do!!

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