Line, line, wonderful line!


Blind contour drawing is not just for kicks…it can actually give you a most unique flow of lines, both expressive and descriptive. You can use your contour drawings to develop into “paintings”. So much of sketching is free-flowing, done in a zen-like trance. They are “pure” creativity…when the analytical brain-modes have been shut off, and you are just responding to what’s in front of you. Then you can apply some of your art analysis to further develop the drawing, making every effort to maintain the freshness and lyrical quality of the line work. I’ve been in several shows where I was asked to make an Artist’s Statement. I have several of these…each presenting a different approach to art..whatever is inspiring me at the time. Here’s one of them if you’re interested:

SylviaThe above drawing is titled “Butterfly Pose”…hopefully you can see that. This one is called “Sylvia”, drawn of a dear lady who was a regular at the Drawing Circle years ago. I choose color to express how I feel about the subject. In her case, warm, vibrant colors for a very youthful mature woman. Such a dear!

Explorations in line continue for me…I think when I’m 80 I’ll still be discovering wonderful new aspects and possibilities in line.

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  1. Shirley says:

    Beautiful – and you’ve inspired me to do more blind contour drawings. I saw a big Picasso gallery show yesterday at Gagosian in NYC and went immediately to his lithos to again analyze his lines!! A genius!

  2. Linda says:

    Wow, your posts are inspiring, to say the least! You are a fabulous sketcher, and I love what you’re saying about blind contour and lines……..thanks – I’ll be back for sure! I am wanting (NEEDING) to get AWAY from photo-realism in my art, and I think you’ve given me a way….

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