Little Bird


A little pink bird sits in the Christmas tree in my studio sunroom.  He looks out at me from the white branches (fake table-top tree:) as I sit every morning to sip  guzzle coffee, to read and reflect. This is one of my newly acquired ornaments this year. I’ve spruced up this little tree, as it is “my tree”.


I announced to the family two years ago that I wanted to have, instead of a Frasier Fir tree, a white fake tree for the living room.  I had seen this absolutely gorgeous tree in a friend’s photograph of a Paris store window and I wanted a bit of Parisien holiday in my house. But  my family revolted! Gasped in horror.  No way I could win.  So, just like my dear grandmother, I decided I would have my own little table-top tree, white for me (hers was green) and decorate it however I like.  It is in process…I hope to add a new decoration to it every year.


This year, along with the pink bird and a few other ornaments, I added a crocheted tree-skirt.  I’ve typed up a little FREE pattern for it, so that any crocheters who’d like to can make it for their table top trees. My tree is nowhere near what I remember the Paris shop tree looking like…but I like this little tree so very much, with it’s pinks, lime greens, and blues, a very happy site in the studio!

*The second drawing I made December 2010, when I first got the tree. I remember now that it sat on a table very close to my drawing table and wound up with art supplies underneath it. Now it sits in one of the many windows in the room to be enjoyed by those driving or walking by on my neighborhood street. I’m prolly stretching it…but perhaps it’s a teensy bit of Paris for my Kernersville street. 🙂

0 thoughts on “Little Bird

  1. Serena says:

    Beautiful work and I love the pic of your sketch with the tree! Now I want a white tree just like that! My son bought a HUGE fibre-optic tree a few years back and, while it’s lovely, I feel like it encroaches too much into my space…..we seriously have to move furniture out of a room just to fit it in. I have dropped hints to my teen and adult son that I would love to just have a tabletop tree which didn’t work on them this year but, next year, I’m going to be ruthless! Btw, I notice an ornament that looks like it could be a recycled incandescent light-bulb? So cool! I have recycled many of these over the years into Christmas tree ornaments and I always get compliments about them. Thanks so much for the tree skirt pattern….I love to crochet!

  2. clareclare says:

    Beautiful paintings and delightful stories behind your artworks. I love our family Christmas tree but I still have one of my own which I have made from branches, twigs and long fake flower stems.

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