Little Luxuries

One of the owners at “my” shop, Knit One Smock Too, said, “Take this book home and tell me what you think…you can return it later.” HA! Return it?? I’m captivated. Knitting Little Luxuries by Louisa Harding is a lovely, breathtaking knitting book filled with little gems for pretty things you just HAVE to make, whether you are going to actually wear them or not. I’m wearing mine though…these fingerless gloves are styled for a princess and I’m working on the lacy scarf here. I love the elegance of the asymmetrical lace pattern (unusual for most scarf patterns) and I added the gilded picot edge to coordinate with the fingerless gloves. There are two to three wraps I just have to make, another scarf in cables, lovely lacy purses, etc. Swooning might be too strong a word for my response to opening this book, but only by a little. I think my yarn-shop-owner-friend knew it too.

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