Lost Men

These are my lost men…not “lost” in the cosmic sense, but “lost” in a TV show called “Lost”.   My husband, son, and oldest daughter (who isn’t drawn here) are Lost addicts.  Every Tuesday night the living room is cleared for viewing the week’s episode.  They started watching Lost last summer…from the very first episode all the way through in order to be caught up when the final season began.  My husband’s expression shows you just how “lost” in concentration they get watching this show.  My son seems like he’s much younger than almost-13…the perspective of the couch moving away, and his size also diminishing does not translate here.  I had to draw fast in order to catch the moment before the groans and “come-on mom” began.  I’m not a fan of the show…but I have to “get lost” when the three of them descend on the living room every Tuesday night! Good grief!

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  1. Patricia Lee Rivero says:

    I’ve been lost in LOST since April 10th when we began watching the DVDs from Season One on. My husband is retired, and we’re up to Season Four now. Kind of hoping to catch up to Season 6 before it concludes. I had wanted to watch Lost since it began. Never realized my family (husband and daughter) would become as entranced with it as I have. There are so many themes that this series covers: spirituality, mores, morals, ethics, leadership, annoying characters, what will the screenwriters come up with next? Cultural differences, personal motivations, shallow characters and those of depth, redemption, sacrifice, revenge. Do you know which characters your husband, daughter and son like/detest/enjoy/identify with?!

    I personally do not care for Kate or Jack. I like the offbeat characters a bit more. Absolutely adore Desmond and think Sayid is a fascinating well developed character. Grew to appreciate Charlie and thought he was did a magnificent job in the ‘water hatch’ scene. My husband tells me that now, after seeing me get so into Lost, he thinks I can better understand the ‘why’ behind why he loves FOOTball!

  2. Randall K says:

    Ha, des homme perdus, indeed! I believe I have been drawn out. I wondered why you were ‘lingering’ in the room like smokey — not wanting to draw attention to yourself or at least I gather that’s your line. 😉

  3. ellen says:

    now this good news–but only because it means I now know someone who can explain (a) the appeal of Lost and (b) what happened after Season 1–I myself was “lost” thereafter!

  4. Timaree (freebird) says:

    Very nice sketch. I like your line drawings and read your post about why you draw as you do. It sure made me think and it’s the next thing I will be doing on my fake journal since as you said, and I hope to have room to quote, a line isn’t real – I need to put the quote down or I won’t make sense of it. Drawing your family is so much better than watching the TV but the show did give you time to draw them.

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