Lovely at the End of the Lane


Many of you know that I love to walk. Prior to my illness and surgery, I walked several times a week, 3-5 miles in and around my neighborhood. The first day I was home from the hospital, the outdoors called to me. But I was only able to make it to the stop sign at the corner of our property. 🙁

But each day I would try to walk a bit further. Hunched over and shuffling, I just didn’t care how feeble I looked. I took my husband or a friend with me, and breathed in the fresh air, drank in the lingering spring, enjoying moving my legs.

The last two days, I have ventured up to Silver Dapple Lane. My favorite lane in the whole world. My neighbor and I have gone down and back twice. And today, I even made it three times! Progress indeed! The lane is lined with wildflowers, especially over in Mr. Whicker’s field. At the end of the lane is the best view ever! One of Mr. Whicker’s pastures for his cows is burgeoning with buttercups! It looks positively dreamy!

So I came home today and tried to capture that dreamy field on paper with watercolor. I don’t know that I got it exactly…but it’s enough to remind me of this morning…a gift to start my day.


0 thoughts on “Lovely at the End of the Lane

  1. Mary Walker says:

    I would take walks with you if we lived in the same town I always wish I had a lady friend to share time with it’s a pleasure to know you’re feeling well today.

    • jenpedwards says:

      What a lovely thought…wouldn’t it be fun to walk together, then go to our studios and paint what we saw! Our unique expressions would be cool to observe! Thanks for visiting Mary!

  2. Pockettrikeed says:

    Thank you for allowing me to walk with you. I’m just sorry I missed Mr. Whicker. Maybe on another walk!

  3. freebirdsings says:

    As soon as you said “the lane” I knew you were talking about the one that goes by Mr. Whicker’s fields which you have shared with us before. This is a lovely painting of the day. It’s fresh with the greens of spring and I love how you did the buttercups. Lucky you to have someone to walk with especially while you are regaining your strength.

  4. Phyllis says:

    Visiting my daughter in WA State, watching her garden bloom – every morning something new. I showed her your site, Mr Whicker’s portraits and others. You have a mew fan. it’s such joy to hear you are doing better and better. Well done!

  5. Jane says:

    Jennifer, I’m so happy to hear you are getting better every day and stronger and stronger. Your painting is beautiful.

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