Macy the Mouse-Part Two


Macy the Mouse lives in Genevieve’s house
right under the living room chair.
She darts in and out, dodging yarn balls about
but can’t quite make it up the stair.

So downstairs she stays, knowing Genevieve’s ways
are similar to her own.
They both love to make, for making’s sake.
To give or to keep for their home.

Pillows and quilts, sweaters and toys,
Crocheted or quilted or knit
No matter the time it takes to refine
they just couldn’t care a bit.

Sewing and painting, drawing and baking
Macy joins in with care.
But her favorite of all, sitting up tall,
is knitting with Genevieve in her chair.

Clicking away the last hours of the day,
their needles fly through the wool—
When the yarn is gone, their faces shon
and their creative hearts are full!


This is a continuation of the poem I wrote for my friend Ellen, about the little felted mouse she gave me as a present. You can read the first part of that poem here. These poems (there is a third:) evolved over a couple of days … still referring somewhat to my friend, but becoming more just about the mouse herself, or maybe me? The third part will be posted soon! Thank you for continuing to visit here! Macy and Genevieve love it!:)

0 thoughts on “Macy the Mouse-Part Two

  1. freebirdsings says:

    I kept looking for the mouse under the chair! It took me a bit to realize she was on the arm of the chair knitting right along with you! I like how the poem is going.

    • jenpedwards says:

      Thanks again! I’m looking forward to posting the third and final installment of Macy the Mouse. Well…final?? I dunno…might just be the beginning!:)

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