Maddie’s Cowl…A FREE Pattern!


This is my sweet daughter, Maddie, age 10. She recently got it in her head to knit something for her teachers at school. At first she wanted to knit a scarf. But as time was of the essence, she decided to turn her scarf into a cowl, adding two buttons. She was very particular about the yarn she wanted: two colors, one fluffy, one not.


So off we went to buy yarn.  Came home to begin work. She decided how wide she wanted it.  She hadn’t knitted in a while, but it didn’t take any time before row after row of lovely fuzzy stuff began to take shape.  I was truly amazed at how she intuited her knitting! For example, she didn’t let the fact that holding two yarns can be a bit tricky…she just kept on looking for both colors every time she made a stitch. She also announced to me that when she counted her stitches at the end of her rows, sometimes she found she had an extra stitch or two. Her solution? “I just knit two of the stitches together until I have the right amount.” Wow! She figured that out completely on her own!! She also said that when she had too few stitches, she would knit the white yarn and then knit the red yarn, making an extra stitch. Her own solution as well….brilliant!


I walked her through button holes without a hitch and she bound off the cowl beautifully…not too tight. So many things she just naturally knew how to do…a born knitter! (Can you tell I’m proud of her???:)


When I asked if I could offer this as a FREE pattern to others, she said SURE! The title is taken from one of her favorite characters’ lines in the movie Despicable Me.  Agnes says, “It’s so fluffy!!!!” referring to her stuffed unicorn won at the fair. An appropriate title for this little pattern.

To download her design, just click on the blue words there, OR you can access it from my FREE Patterns page here on my blog. You might have time to knit one of these before Christmas! But definitely in the New Year…winter will be with us for a couple more months!

*I would love to hear from you if you are knitting or crocheting any of my patterns, free or not! And if you sent a photo, I’d love to see it too! So would Maddie! Just leave a comment on my blog. 🙂

**Merry Christmas to all and a very Happy New Year!!

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