Marvelous Milton

Before I go on and on about another favorite artist of mine, take note of the updates in the Classes section of my website–especially the upcoming art & wine festival here in downtown Kernersville! On Friday, June 5th from 5-8 pm, Arts D’Vine will be happening on Main Street. Come enjoy an evening of wine tasting and art! I will be at Shakespeare & Co. Book Shop with a variety of arts & crafts. Other area artists will be there as well.

BlueChairI love designing shapes! All artists are shape makers, but some of them really want you to see the shapes more prominently than others. Milton Avery is a master at this! He crafts the shapes in his paintings with a nod to being representational, but are all his own as he exaggerates, bends, squashes, and lengthens them. He then masterfully fills those shapes with exquisite color combinations that are much more subtle and sensitive than mine. Avery’s work is mostly figure and landscape…but I was inspired to try designing shapes with chairs, flowers, fruit, and even ice cream. I have quite a bit of work in this style and am recently returning to it with paintings of knitters. (I’ll share with you when they are ready:)

JCarvelloAll of these paintings begin with drawings where I play around with shapes, both negative and positive shapes, and determine how they connect. Once the painting begins, then it’s fun to consider how the shapes will be filled, what colors, the transitions, etc. Other artists who have influenced me and whose work I admire are Bob Lysiak and Skip Lawrence. Both have websites you should visit!

Here’s one last painting for you, titled “I Scream”.

I Scream

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