May the “Force” be with you…

Maddie is taking gymnastics this year!

The place where she takes is called Flip Force.

Like young padawans, they move through a maze of obstacles, beams, trampolines, boards, mats, etc. to train their bodies.

Maddie says it is SO FUN!!

**Even though this is the last day of August Break…I’m lovin’ these quick posts and sketches, so they’ll keep on comin’.

I hope you’ll keep on comin’ to visit too!

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  1. Timaree says:

    My granddaughter enjoyed gymnastics for a few years. She was into competion gymnastics. They really work those kids hard and with her asthma it finally got to be too much. She built up a lot of muscle and learned to work hard and well though which means that now that she is in ballet she is in level 5 after about just 6 months. She’s up on pointe this week and is so excited. Really gymnastics teaches the girls a lot for other things in life while they have fun with it! I hope your daughter likes it as much as my granddaughter did.

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