Merci Beaucoup!

Many hugs and thank you’s to Timaree, an EDM friend, who recently bestowed the “Stylish Blogger Award” on me!  I’m so tickled to hang it on the wall here at Drawn2Be!  As part of the deal, I am to tell you 7 things about myself.  And then bestow the award on UP TO 15 other bloggers.  So now, Genevieve will tell you 7 things about herself that you might not already know:

1.  Genevieve has never been to France!  She longs to ride her bicycle through the south of France, leisurely stopping wherever she’d like to sketch, paint, eat in a cafe, and then ride some more.

2.  Genevieve also desires to travel to England!  She would love to take a walking tour through the countryside of England, perhaps the Northern parts.  Walking all day from town to town, sketching, sipping tea and eating scones along the way.

3.  Genevieve HAS traveled to Ivory Coast, West Africa!  Quite an experience! But was some time ago…life has kept her red shoes on american soil for a long time.  Not entirely a bad thing!

4.  Genevieve, like Timaree, also cuts her own hair.  Or, at least she has for the last 6 months or so.  Genevieve’s wavy, thick hair allows for a lot of “mistakes” in her do-it-yourself haircut.

5.  Genevieve does not like ocra or beets!  Blekkk!  Can’t imagine why anyone would want to eat those things.

6.  Genevieve, when she was little, had a recurring dream:  that she would jump off a mountain, a cliff, or the banister railing in her childhood home.  And as she fell, she would sprout wings and become a butterfly!  She loves that dream and thinks about it often.

7.  Genevieve loves to GIVE gifts just about as much as she loves receiving them!  But the very best is if she’s been able to MAKE the gift! THAT she loves the most.

Ok, now to bestow this award on a few others:  

1.  Suzanne Cabrera of An Open Sketchbook.  I love the work of this designer/illustrator who lives in my neck of the woods!  And it’s so much fun to follow her pregnancy with twin boys!  Oi!  All the best to you Suzanne!

2.  Julia R. Berkley of Sticking to Art! Eye popping fabric works you will drool over!  Though she doesn’t blog a bunch, it’s worth a visit there and to her website.

3.  Patty Palmer of Deep Space Sparkle.  For the kid in ALL of us!!  Wonderfully inspiring projects for kids of all ages!  There is a link to her blog, which is wonderful, but hasn’t been updated in a long time.:(

4.  Andrea Joseph of Andrea Joseph’s Sketchblog.  Well, I’m sure Andrea has received a blue-bazillion of these blogger awards.  And many of you are already familiar with her work.  But I just HAD to include her, she is so inspiring to me!  And you MUST visit her other blog too!

5.  Annie Beth Ericsson of Walking in Public.  An oh-so-fun illustration blog I recently found.  Check out the books she herself has illustrated…they are fabuloso!

6.  Ian Sidaway of Ian Sidaway Fine Line.  Gobsmacking amazing drawings here!  Check it out!!  I found this guy’s blog through one of my favorite artist/traveller to Paris bloggers:  who is the 7th and final blog I’ll put on the Stylish Blogger List.

7.  Carol Gillott of Paris Breakfasts.  If you love all things french AND watercolors, then you must visit Carol.  A prolific blogger, she will delight you every time with an insider’s look at the wonderful world of Paris!

So, there we are!  I’m ever so grateful for the Stylish Blogger Award! Thanks to Timaree and all of you for embracing Genevieve and visiting her every so often in blogland!  Merci, merci beaucoup!!

0 thoughts on “Merci Beaucoup!

  1. Timaree says:

    Oh that is so cute! I love it. See, you really did deserve that award.

    I love your responses. I think you do fly and this blog and your new upcoming etsy is you taking off over that banister to find you have wings! I agree with the okra and beets too! No matter how you cook ’em, I don’t like ’em. Now I am off to see the links you provided that I haven’t been to before.

  2. Christy Angle says:

    Jennifer! Thanks so much for sharing all of these delightful blogs! I love so many of your favorites and so look forward to visiting them often. (think I’ll send some of them to Rebecca too!)

  3. Suzanne says:

    Jennifer—Thank you so, so much for including my blog among the impressive list of those who inspire you. I’m truly honored! And to be considered stylish at 8 months pregnant…that’s not bad either 🙂

    I’m happy to have been introduced to your blog as well and look forward to looking around even more!

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