Mor Cow

Just had to play with these wonderful photos I have of Mr. Photogenic Cow.  I’m not including these in the 100 portraits group…just havin’ a bit o’ fun.  Well, I do have fun with the other too, but these don’t fit my criteria for the 100 portraits journey I’ve set myself on.  The criteria for the 100 portraits is thus: watercolor, with no lines.  Certainly, I draw in pencil first and then watercolor, but the pencil lines don’t play a part in the final product.  Here, line is major, with a smidge of watercolor and then scribbles with watercolor crayons.

He turned out a bit wonky here, but I think that adds to the overall look and is in keeping with the fun, fanciful lines.  I have an itch to try collage with him…hmmm…maybe….:)

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  1. Deborah says:

    I love these! Cows are so much fun to look at and draw – so peaceful! And you’ve brought out a whole new colorful side of their personality 🙂

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