More Lessons from Drawing…

Ok, ok, I know I keep going on about this kind of stuff…how art influences life and how life influences art…and what I can learn about my life through art, etc.  You just have to bear with me in this…I LOVE it, when something about the act of making art teaches  me something I need for my everyday life.  So, once again…

…I’m just sitting in various spots drawing things, some random, totally inconsequential things…the corners of my bedroom and the mess in my closet…and I realize that my line flows fairly freely in the straight and open places.  But when things get complicated, like the yarns down in a basket, or the jumble of shoes on the floor, or the books stacked on the shelf…I SLOW DOWN.  Isn’t that cool?

You may not think so, but it is JUST what I need to remember in my life: when things get complicated…  SLOW DOWN! Do whatever you need to do to slow down the pace and really settle into the contours of what’s going on.  Flying through it only leaves a messy trail that makes no sense and leaves you exhausted!  But slowing down, breathing a bit in between all the curves thrown your way, allows you to move ahead with a little bit more thought, presence, and peace.

Ahh, me…I love this life…love being an artist…love seeing and learning to see…the beauty that is all around me.

Even in my closet!

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  1. Kim Barlow says:

    I got so much insight from your observations! This is the kind of reminder I really need at my job. I get very testy when things are coming at me too fast. Thanks for the reminder to slow down. Oh, and I love the drawings too. It always amazes me just how much you can do with so little!

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