More Piano Therapy

Though life has been on a crazy busy tilt for some time now, I’m finding I have more drawings than I can keep up with on this blog.  A wonderful problem to have.  So we will take a break from our Field Walk and have a little Piano Therapy today, which I describe here.

This is one of those “just line” drawings that satisfies me WITHOUT the color.  Though I will probably put color to it one day, I like having a black and white version to remember.  My daughter’s piano teacher has a gorgeous outdoor room at the  back of her house.  It is really an oasis for a weary soul, a place to have a respite from the running, a cup o’ tea for the thirsty (or caffeine for the tired, in my case:).

There are two areas to this outdoor room: one is around an outdoor fireplace, with sturdy whicker furniture, rocking chairs, etc. as seen in the black and white drawing. This area here, has a large outdoor table with an umbrella and terrificly comfortable chairs to sit in, sip your tea and enjoy the backyard views.  The first image is of a little table in-between these two areas, perfect for reading a magazine or just gazing into the quiet backyard while piano tunes waft through the air.

0 thoughts on “More Piano Therapy

  1. raenassketchbook says:

    The people down the road have a room much like this…at least I think, I’ve only seen pictures of it, as I don’t really know them. You’ve made your sketches so interesting….maybe I should just show up and tell them I know they have a cool room and I want to sketch it! LOL…that would probably scare them!

    I love these sketches and your words about this place being ‘the oasis for a weary soul’, seems to shine through in them. I think I would have guessed this without you even telling me! Love them!

  2. Expressions of grace says:

    Jennifer, I keep forgetting if I have asked you this. Sorry if I am repeating myself. I want to talk to you about illustrating a book. Can you message me and let me know yes or no? Hopefully, I will remember your answer. At least I can save the email/message to refer back to for the next time I forget!! >_> I really enjoy your style of ink drawing with the watercolor fill. It reminds me of books I read as a kid. 🙂

  3. says:

    Nice drawings. I often add color because it seems to do better online but, you know, my favorite today is your “just line” drawing – it is really cool.

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