Morning Chatter

I step out the door into a lively conversation already underway.

The woodpecker is holding forth, rapping his message,

the morning dove coos, the cardinal trills

and a congregation adds their own embellished agreements

or rebellious agitation.

Even the geese, returning from a winter’s sojourn, join in the boisterous banter.

I stand in awe for a moment just to take in this morning cacophony.

I walk up the hill, down the lane, past the cows and on by the alpacas and horses. Leaning into Emmaus Road my pace quickens and so does the chatter. Are they cheering me on? Providing company for the path? Or indifferent to my presence, absorbed in their own worlds?

I spot a lone bird atop a bale of hay lifting her throat to the throng.

On the return, crossing Hastily, down Silver Dapple once again and back towards home,

it is quieter now.

Only a few remain in the concert hall of my thoughts,

chirping their ideas, tweeting their rebuttal.

They are settling in for the day ahead yet nothing has been settled upon,

except that we all must begin.

Closing the door, I take up my pen to record the findings,

drawcument the sights,

chronicle the listenings,

make sense of the chaos,

find a tune in the midst of it all.



8 thoughts on “Morning Chatter

    • Jennifer Edwards says:

      Many years ago I was watching a You Tube video of an artist’s art show opening in NY. She had drawn on pieces of paper taped together a large scene from everyday life, I think taken from a favorite film of hers. At the end as she was being interviewed she said something like,”We need to drawcument our lives.” It has stuck with me and I have been enamored with that word. I cannot for the life of me find that video now. But the word lives on!

  1. Suzanne Glassgow says:

    I am grateful our lives have crossed and always feel such a sense of peace whenever I read your writings. Thank you for taking the time to remind me of the need to appreciate the little things in Life.

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