Morning Curls


I’m not sure it is possible to capture the sweetness and loveliness of a young girl who has just curled up in a chair with her favorite stuffed animal after waking up on a Saturday morning with foam curlers in her hair…I was going for that at any rate.  Our youngest daughter could hardly wait to get the curlers taken out.  But I managed to get a sketch or two while we chatted and then take a few photos.  The morning light coming in from the window (off to the right) was just the icing on the cake.  This is the second work in color (first being Birthday Blowout) since taking a most excellent class on Drawing from Scott Burdick and Sue Lyon (you must check out their  I learned SO much in this class over December/January and now it’s changing how I work in color also.  Indeed, I do not feel I have my bearings very well yet…so many questions…but I’m having a great time exploring and trying to figure out the answers.  It probably goes without saying…but I do love painting my children.  It blends two things I love so much in the world–art and my family.  And it brings a sense of wholeness to what might otherwise be opposing pulls on me.

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