Morning Glory Vine


On my walk this morning, I passed by the garden at the top of Silver Dapple Lane. It is in a state of decline, winding down from the summer’s producing.  A few tomatoes hang onto skeleton-like plants, a bean or two or three hide under browning leaves, and an unpicked watermelon sits ripe amid the yellow foliage. But what really caught my eye were the bright violet, bold blue, and shocking pink morning glories which had woven their way through the tired landscape.

It struck me that creativity is like these Morning Glories.  When life seems drained of its color, creativity grants us spots of beauty to hang onto.  My very “full” life is leaving me feeling drained lately.  I’m grateful for the row of knitting here and the splash of watercolor there, even if that’s all I have time for.  Without that, life might seem completely gray indeed.

I know this too shall pass.  Just like the seasons,  my life has periods of transition in between different seasons. End of the school year into summer, end of summer into fall and back to school, holidays and other things.  It’s in the transitions that I get out of whack. I know that a new routine will settle in soon, the new landscape will feel beautiful to me, and new things will be growing in my garden.

In the meantime, I’m glad the Morning Glories are in bloom. May they be blooming in your garden too!

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  1. Timaree says:

    Your flowers remind me of strings of beads, a spare but full picture. Transitions (change) isn’t a favorite of most people but something we can surely count on to happen over and over again. Hope it doesn’t take too long to get used to it.

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