Morning Lines

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In case it was difficult to follow the written lines along with the drawn ones, here’s the poem.

All lines, written and drawn, were made over the last three mornings.

Morning Lines


There’s something about morning

All the world seems right.

The day ahead teems with possibilities

As my creative heart takes flight.


The simple things are charged with goodness.

A mug of coffee. A slice of bread.

Hope hangs thick in morning’s thoughts.

There’s nothing to dread.


Dreams can play as I carve the lines.

On paper. In pen. Getting them down.

So I don’t forget, before the race begins.

Before the everyday threatens to drown.


As my weary head finds evening’s pillow

Only two or three sparks remain.

I fold them in to my hopeful heart

That by morning, they’ll rekindle the flame.



June 15, 2013

0 thoughts on “Morning Lines

  1. Ed pilkington says:

    What a wonderful way to start my Day
    To see the things my daughter sees
    To hear the thoughts her heart would say
    It soothes the ruffled morning
    As i rise to go and play.

  2. freebirdsings says:

    What a great way to begin your day. I like your poem and the drawings. Were all these drawings done in one morning?

    I am trying to loosen up and just let a sketch happen rather than worry about getting it all right. I am actually making progress. When I grow up, I’ll be able to draw like you do! Well sort of. I may never grow up all the way and no one can draw just like another.

    • jenpedwards says:

      Hey Timaree! Yes, I drew them all in the morning, just wherever I was sitting. One morning I was at our local gardens with an artist friend to draw. What you want to aim for is to draw “like Timaree”! That will be so much more genuine and wonderful. I’m glad you are drawing!

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