Morning Magic

A hushed reverie fills my imagination and studio twice a day. Early morning and late afternoon are becoming favorite times to sit here in my sunroom studio and look out the picture windows at the magical light show over the neighborhood. The mornings are filled with Christmas piano playing softly on Pandora. I feed on poetry and an Advent devotion as I sip my peppermint mocha creamed coffee. The slowly lighten-ing sky displays subtle shifts in glorious color and neighbors’ Blinky lights pulse in rhythm with the music. I sit and watch and let it fill me to the brim.

I find myself waking up early each morning in anticipation of all this. I’m also stopping to enter it again in the afternoon, when the light show begins anew but in reverse. I spin wool during this time. I draw and write in the morning. I am grateful for this filling with wonder and anticipation of things to come, heaven only knows what. The Light reminds me that I am loved and cared for no matter what may happen in between the light shows of dawn and dusk. I want to be present to these magical moments. I’m drawn to them in a gentle and comforting way…like a golden thread has wrapped itself around me and is gently pulling me to these places of wonder, not unlike that golden thread Irene carries with her into the mines and which eventually leads her home to her great-great-grandmother. *

I have no other reason for writing of this other than to share it. To say to whoever is reading this how filled with gratitude I am that we are given bits of heaven in our otherwise gray day-to-day world. I feel an urgency in attending to these gifts, to not miss them. I can draw them, paint them, spin the golden wool into thread…but nothing is quite so grand as just sitting and watching and filling up with the wonder of these moments however they come to us.

May you find moments in your day for reverie and wonder, to feel the golden thread in your fingers leading you home.

*Reference to George MacDonald’s The Princess and the Goblin.

8 thoughts on “Morning Magic

  1. Marlana Lesage says:

    Beautiful writing. I’m here New Hampshire looking out at grey skies and a bit of snow. I too, have soft Christmas music playing while I sip my coffee. I’m spinning lovely plum polwarth fiber and I’m counting my blessings that I can do these things .

    • Jennifer Edwards says:

      Oh how lovely…and such gratitude we have to be able to spin and write and sketch and just sit and marvel at all the blessings we have. Thank you Marlana for writing this note and I wish you many joyous moments of spinning polwarth, which I just spun a 2 oz sample of, and thought it was the MOST soft and smooth fiber I had ever spun! So luscious! Enjoy!❤️

  2. Edward L Pilkington says:

    When God was shaping you, He threw in an extra portion. of grace, a big dollop of visual splendor, an over-sized heart and an ever expanding need to explode His being, His “I am”, onto the canvas and fabric of life. I marvel at what He has done. Thank you in Him

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