Morning Stitches


I don’t often pick up my knitting in the first hour of morning. But when I do, it always speaks to me. After reading and writing a bit, I’m stirred up thinking about all that needs to be done in the day ahead of me. The thought occurs to me: I’ll just knit a row or two before I charge off to the races.

The first several stitches are done in a jerky manner, as if I’ve forgotten how to do this thing called knitting. I split stitches, I wrap the yarn and miss the needle, I drop a stitch. But after the first row, something seems to settle in and my usual flow of in-around-through-and off, becomes rhythmic and I’m reminded that it is just one stitch at a time.

That’s how to live a day…one stitch at a time.

0 thoughts on “Morning Stitches

  1. maryo29Mary says:

    Another delightful post! Makes me want to take out my long neglected knitting….and I probably will! It will fill the time while I sit with my husband during his chemo sessions. Thanks, Jennifer.

    • jenpedwards says:

      Oh dear Mary…I’ll be thinking of you and your husband during this time. Knitting would certainly be soothing …

  2. Timaree says:

    I don’t tend to start off my knitting as if “going to the races” but I sure do that once I’ve decided what I am going to do for the day. And yes, then I “split a stitch” or “drop one or two or three”. It really helps to get into a rhythm – I mean, just where do I think the day is going to go anyhow? I get done what I can and that’s that – except for some reason feeling guilty I didn’t do more. Sheesh, I am a retired homemaker (don’t tell my husband about the retired part ; 0 ) so it’s not like I have super demands on my time so why feel like I have to rush or feel guilty I didn’t do more? The “knitting” will get done when it’s time!

    Love the picture and yes, I keep looking at the kitty too but since she’s looking at the knitting which is nice and bright, I look there too. Does she ever take off with your yarn?

    • jenpedwards says:

      Ha ha! I knit to slow down the racing that’s already going on in my head! Perhaps that wasn’t very clear. But Lucy (the cat) loves to squish my knitting and run up against it. If I don’t watch, she may try to eat it, which is not cool!! And…enjoy your retirement!

  3. Caatje says:

    It’s funny, but your knitting reminds me of my morning walks. At first I can’t find a rhythm and get strangely tired and my thoughts are racing, but after a while something settles and I could walk forever and it becomes meditation. It’s a wonderful way to start the day. I love your sketch, especially the cat.

    • jenpedwards says:

      I’m totally with you on this…my walks are like that too! Thanks so much for taking the time to share your thoughts here!

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