Morning Walks

If and When

If I went out a ‘walking
for the whole live-long day
Would it be enough
to deal with the stuff
that in my heart holds sway?

Would it calm the storm
of worry and fear,
The jumble that rumbles within?
Would it shore up and strengthen
the places that are wearing thin?

Would it soothe the passion that
threatens to rage?
the struggle I strive to get down on the page?
The Beauty that aches and does not abate
will it fill? embolden? satiate?

Sometimes I think I could walk and walk
Beyond and o’er the rim
To that heavenly shore
or up the stalk
when this life’s welling doth brim.

But I cannot seem to get that far
try and try as I might
My feet, somehow,
they always return me
To home and family aright.

When I do go out a ’walking
I know I’ll come back again
Sooner, not later…
with heart full of stories, not worries,
And I feel more at home in my skin.


11 December 2011

0 thoughts on “Morning Walks

  1. Christy says:

    Wow..Jennifer this poems really resonates with me too! I’ve been thinking lately that there’s alot of sad in me,esp. with Becca leaving soon, and I know that walking really helps me too! Let’s walk at the lake again soon! Much love to you, my friend!

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