Mounds of Art!


In my job as Art Teacher at Redeemer School, I have mounds and mounds of artwork to prepare for our Annual Art Show which will take place February 7th.  This includes backing each piece of art with construction paper to act as a mat to set off the art. It also means adding a label to each piece identifying who the artist is and what grade they’re in. I teach the TK, and K-8th grades. With around 150 students who have created 4-5 pieces each, that’s a staggering 600+ pieces to get ready.

I’ve begun the process, and took a few moments to draw the mound.  I have a wonderful, old, wooden structure which I think might’ve been used for poster board, that I keep all my students 2-D work in. Each slot is a different class. Then there are trays of clay works and other various pieces the student’s have made since the beginning of the year. I take one class at a time, trying not to think of the whole thing, since it really can overwhelm me. But it is fun to look back through at the amazing work these kids have done! Can’t wait to show you some of it in February, after the show.

I drew this in my trusty Aquabee Sketchbook, using my usual Prismacolor Fineliner Pens. But I pulled out the watercolors that my students use and grabbed a brush I thought would do. It’s amazing how different materials shake things up a bit. In order to get the vibrancy I typically get with my own artist grade watercolors, I had to go over the strokes a couple of times with the student grade paints. If you’re able, do treat yourself to artist grade materials…it will make a difference in not only the outcome of your work, but the enjoyment level while creating it as well!

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