Music in the Courtyard

This is a lovely memory for Maddie and me.  In early summer, we went to the Factory Courtyard to hear some bluegrass music played by a local group of musicians.  Every Friday night, the book store, Shakespeare and Co., would sponsor local talent to come play in the Courtyard.  It was free and open to the public.  Maddie and I went, got smoothies from Shakespeare, and sat listening and foot-tapping the night away.

At one point Maddie said, “A smoothie and good music…what more could you want?”  Yes, indeed.

It has been sad to many of us, that Shakespeare and Co. has had to close its doors since then.  Ladybugs, the quaint garden shop in the Factory, also.  And now, word has it that these Music in the Courtyard events will no longer be held as well.  Though there is a new shop going in where Shakespeare was, and the awesome restaurant, Giada’s Trattoria, is opening soon…the economy still deals a tough hand to shop owners and businesses.

I, for one, would love to see music return to the Courtyard at the Factory.  I think there are many many others who would love to see that happen too!

P.S. The guy sitting on the bench in front of where Maddie and I were sitting, was (I think) from the local paper taking pictures. Loved the colorful strap he uses for his camera!

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  1. Sherri Abendroth (@sherriatx) says:

    You have brought back to me the essence of good patio music on a cool night… this is something we used to do every weekend (and sometimes during the week too) back home… home is a small town with a fabulous coffee shop offering music… I miss it.

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