My 18″ Doll Crochet Designs


If Genevieve was an 18″ doll (how fun would THAT be?), she would probably wear a couple of cool crocheted outfits when she isn’t wearing her blue polka-dotted dress!

You may not know about this, but I have two crochet design patterns for 18″ Dolls that are available through Maggie’s Crochet!  This one (pictured above in the drawing of Genevieve), called French Girl Ensemble, includes the beanie hat, bell-bottom pants, cool shrug, over the shoulder purse, and Mary Jane’s. Click here to read more info about this pattern and to purchase.


And this one (photographed on my daughter’s American Girl Doll), called Ready For Spring, features a pretty dress and shoes, headband for her hair, basket for market or Easter eggs, and her very own bunny. I have fond memories of designing both of these sets as my girls were into American Girl Dolls at the time. Click here to read more info about this pattern and to purchase.

Maggie’s Crochet is based right here in Kernersville, NC! There are many other 18″ Doll patterns as well as a huge inventory of patterns for anything and everything you might want to crochet! Enjoy browsing around her website, complete with instructional videos too! If you love to crochet, this site is for you!

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  1. Loretta Lytle says:

    this dress is really very cute, love your watercolors. Are you on facebook? I love to draw paint and do needlework: and dress dolls :}

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