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This is the coolest painter’s/crafter’s/knitter’s/crocheters gadget ever!!  I just love mine!  I saw them at an art store up in Boone (yes, you guessed it…Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff) and thought of all the ways I could use one of these.  Currently I’m using it as my portable knitter/crocheter studio…complete with stitch holders, needles, crochet hooks, markers, pens, tape measure, and scissors.  Peeking out the top is the first sock of a pair of socks!  Yes, socks.  For some inexplicable reason, I have a bee-in-my-bonnet to make socks.  I have often said to knitting friends that anything size 7 needles and above is fair game!  No size 3 needles for me!  But the “bee” must have its way right now, and so I’m using size 2 needles with wonderful self-striping sock yarn.  And I’m even thinking that for my NEXT pair, I might need to try size ONE needles to see if I can get a more dense stitch.  Ha!  We’ll see how long this “bee” hangs around.

Just imagine your sketching supplies popping out of all the wonderful pockets…pens, pencils, markers, crayons, brushes and water brushes.  The inside is roomy enough for one of those Winsor-Newton Cotman compact watercolor thingys and even a small sketchbook…moleskine or otherwise.  I do sound like an advertisement here.  I don’t mean to, just sharing a terrific, portable, grab & go fun gadget!

BTW…both the bucket AND the sock yarn were gifts from my mom a while ago…THANKS MOM!  A post about her and sketches of her are coming soon!

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  1. Patsy says:

    I love your bucket! What a great idea. I have seen similar buckets for tools at Home Depot, but never thought about anything else for them. Where did you find self striping sock yarn? I have looked around here (NH) and couldn’t find any. By the way, your sock looks beautiful.

    • jenpedwards says:

      Hi Pat! I find self-striping sock yarn at our LYS (local yarn store) and also at big box stores like A.C. Moore and Michael’s. I don’t know what you have as an equivalent to these in NH, but I’m sure you would have a small local yarn shop you could visit…they are so much fun to go in and browse around getting inspiration! Thanks for commenting!

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