My Kids

“Are you drawing me again?” says the teen (either the 15 year old girl or the 13 year old boy).

“Yes, dear” says me.  <sigh> says the teen.

“Oh mommy, will you draw me?” says the 8 year old.

“I’d LOVE to!” says me:)

0 thoughts on “My Kids

  1. Alex Tan says:

    Love the short story! It says so much about how kids/teenagers react to the similar things… =) Love the sketches too. I am going to be 32 soon and I wished my mom had sketched me when I was…well… whenever! ^^

  2. Raena says:

    These are great! I really like studying them. I just noticed that you leave some lines out, and that perhaps that is why I have such a hard time with continuous line. I try to capture every line and can never seem to find my way back around!

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