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Something about this time of year. Maybe it’s that the fall leaves have just about done their leaving, leaving the world etched in line. Maybe it’s the extra time with family and seeing their faces. Maybe it’s just winter’s spartan season that makes me reach for Bic pen, black and white, and a desire to draw faces. I made this drawing of Maddie yesterday in my Book of Sanity.  I started this sketchbook back a couple of December’s ago.  I can vividly remember grabbing a few minutes to draw the mantel, a family member, a table top, then stealing away to draw dresser tops and such in upstairs rooms. It’s a great way to grab a little sanity in the frenzy of the holidays.

It’s a plain ole sketchbook with smooth white paper in it.  I really like it with pens as they glide across the silky, snowy paper. I’ve shared some of these drawings with you before, a couple of years ago. But here’s a slideshow compilation of nearly all I have thus far, many I’ve never shared before. And there are still more pages to fill.  I’ll share more as I continue to draw in this sketchbook.. I hope you enjoy the slideshow:

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0 thoughts on “My Love

  1. clareclare says:

    Oh Jennifer, Your Sanity sketch book is Sensational!!! Every single page is eye catching. I love the sofa, the candles, the portraits, heck, I love ’em all. Wish I could be as dedicated and prolific as you. Thanks as always for the Jenspiration!!

    • jenpedwards says:

      Hi Cathy! Thank you! And even though it may have been a typo, when I first read your spelling of fantastic, I read it as “fanatic”! Yeah, that too! 🙂

  2. boekwrm says:

    Wow, I know the feeling of catching sanity through drawing, but your catches are sooo beautiful they bring tears to my eyes. Thanks!

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