My Mother’s Art

Some of you may remember this post about my mom.  She paints gorgeous, medium to large sized oil paintings in both a traditional landscape style and in a more contemporary, abstract style.  But when she works diminutively, her creativity is certainly NOT diminished!  If you’re lucky enough to receive a card that she’s designed and crafted just for you, you’re sure to hang onto it, display it permanently on the mantel, or frame it! Here’s the one my brother received on his birthday this year in early July.  And the following is the one his wife received, their birthdays being only two days apart.

We all chuckled a bit at this one…my brother’s wife is expecting a child in January:)  Mom uses papers of all kinds, some purchased, some “found”, and some she has painted herself.  I drooled over my brother’s and his wife’s cards and eagerly anticipated mine:

Ha! Isn’t it super? Love the twirly skirt (i’d love to wear one just like it!), the colorful leggins, and the lime-green-VW-bug-shaped ukulele I’m playing is perfect!  Not sure where she got that photo of me to collage into the picture, but it works great.

Now where are those colorful papers of mine????

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  1. Vicki says:

    Oh what fun! My Mom always sends cards to the hubster and I on our birthdays (they are just three days apart), but never anything as wonderful as this!

    I’m jealous,


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