My Susans

Alongside the fear of not making “good” paintings if I sit outside and paint, is the “block” of feeling like it has all been done before AND so much better than I.  Who am I, the thinking goes, to presume that I could add ANYTHING to the reams of artwork painted of the outdoors.  And black-eyed susans, along with mountains and trees, must be some of the most oft-painted subjects EVER!!!  Good Grief!

But where I’m choosing to go with this recently is:  well, these are MY black-eyed susans.  They grow every year in MY backyard, next to MY blue chair, and these are MY paintings.  And though I still feel like I’m reacquainting myself with this delicious medium I used to paint with all the time, I’m loving the soft, yet vibrant color, the watercolor underpainting, and the loose treatment.

Both 6″ x 6″.

0 thoughts on “My Susans

  1. Susan walker says:

    I agree with you the color is just poppin! You can see the fun you are having…I to my sadness can never keep blackeyed susans around…the bunnies or deer get them just before they are to open! I have even tried them close to the house. so I really enjoyed yours…they will last far longer!

  2. Shirley says:

    YOUR Susans are delicious – so juicy! And I’m amazed at how strong the inner critic is and how we deal with such a sense of inadequacy everyday as we create.

  3. Everlasting says:

    Bonjour, it is been a long time that i have see your blog…It is always a pleasure to admire your work, like i said before your painting make me smile full of joy. I truly love.
    That so funny to see that we live far away but today, here in Québec, we put Susans in the soil before autumn :)…
    It is been near a year now that I discovered all this new world (friends from blog and Ravelry) and I am still so happy to see that other people liked the same things that I am…and sometimes at the same time…
    Have a nice day:)

  4. Cathy says:

    It maybe a favourite subject for lots of artists, but you have rendered them beautifully and given them a special touch…your personal style. I agree the would make lovely greeting cards or prints.

  5. Alex Tan says:

    Beautiful mixed media painting, and I love the effects it produced in the end, it’s soft, vivid, and vibrant… it keeps wanting to pop out of my screen somehow.
    I am glad you like the card =)

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