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Fall has morphed into winter here, although by today’s temperature, it feels like spring.  We’ve been inside at a new awesome spot for drawing downtown Kernersville!  It’s called Eclection (NOT Eclections, as my silly drawing indicates!)

This relatively new shop is a wonderful boutique filled with booths by various local artists and artisans.  There’s a cafe inside with a marvelous seating area.  The shop owner, Chris Federico, has an incredible flair for decorating and arranging the booths and all the arts and crafts. If you live anywhere near Kernersville, you simply must make a trip to see the terrific creations here. You  might even get a bunch of your holiday shopping done here!


We will be drawing here through the winter months when it’s too cold to be outside. Chris really spoils us! We buy tea and sometimes a pastry.  She has even set up a marvelous still life from all the terrific artsy wares for us to draw!  Come join us!  10-noon on Fridays!

Just bring a sketchbook and pen…the place itself is inspiration for your drawings be they sketches, doodles, or chicken scratch! We welcome all!  Click on the link below for more info and directions.

Kernersville Drawing Group Newsletter:  NewsletterKvilleDrawing6

I’ve not been able to blog as much lately due to many wonderfully awesome things going on: the Ciener Botanical Gardens Art Show last Thursday, commissioned works due early December, several choral events our kids are involved in, holiday dinners with my gal friends, etc.

Tis the season to  make merry and there’s been a lot of merry making going on! I’m thankful for all of it! But sometimes I’d like to slow down a bit, catch my breath, draw/write/process the event I just attended and then go at it again.  Lately I’ve not had the draw/write/process part. That’s ok.  Soon. Very soon. I can feel it!

I leave you with this little peek at the banner I had created for my recent Art Show.  I was very pleased with how it turned out and how it expresses all the many things I love to do!  Thank you so much for all who came out for the show! I loved seeing you ALL!




0 thoughts on “New Drawing Spot

  1. danscanvas says:

    Congratulations on everything that’s been happening for you!! I love the shiny shimmering drawing of the shop! The jewels sparkle – such excitement in your pen and paints! And Eclections looks homey.

    • jenpedwards says:

      Thanks Dan! It’d be pretty cool if all of us Yahoo EDMers could gather to draw together. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

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