New Meaning to “Blocking”

Summertime…and the livin’ is easy…well, almost. I’ve had an itch to make a blanket/afghan this summer. Something easy to carry around, that I work on bit by bit, but I just couldn’t decide what I wanted: a simple ripple? granny squares? And then, I saw it. The Spring 06 Interweave crochet mag had this wonderfully colorful blanket made of varying sizes of a simple “block” pattern. These are my first two blocks. The blocks are worked in random colors, varying the amount of rows and size of the blocks. Next I’ll make some of the smaller ones. I love working with the colors! I chose a much less expensive alternative to what the interweave pattern calls for. I’m using Red Heart’s Soft yarn and some of Bernat’s softy yarn too (which really seems like the very same yarn only in different colors). I wanted the blanket to be usable and to not always be worried about the kids wrapping up in it and wandering around the house trailing it behind them. I have 19 different colors to work with…it’s a bit like looking into my box of pastels to choose from for my next marks. Last night I was actually dreaming about making these squares. Good grief! I woke up, got my coffee, went out on our back deck in the cool morning and giddily crocheted away! I typically think of blocking as a necessary evil, but this makes “blocking” a real pleasure.

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