New Walking Shoes!

I’m not really starting the EDM list as so  many are doing along with Danny.  I just got some new walking shoes a couple of days ago.  I could not believe how worn down the pair I was wearing was…huge holes, nearly clear through to my toes!  These new ones feel like springs, almost.

I tried to calculate an approximate of how many  miles my walking shoes see.  I try to walk at least 4 times a week, at least 3 miles each time.  Sometimes I walk more and for longer, but just to get an average number,  I’ll figure it based on that.  So…that means in a month, I’m logging approx. 48 miles.  My last pair of shoes lasted about 8 months (probably should’ve been shorter than that!), so they had pounded out 384 miles!

The really crazy thing is that every mile also represents miles of thoughts, ideas, poems, etc.  The stuff that gets processed, churned up, turned out, produced, molded, etc. in those miles is staggering.  I’m often running in the house to grab my journal and jot down the thoughts and/or sketches that showed up with me on the walk.

Does anybody else have this problem issue?

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