No Pen Left Behind

Found a pen and picked it up…

All day long I had good…

drawings! 🙂

A thanks goes out to whoever left it behind…but, as another saying goes:

Finders, keepers…Losers, gotta-buy-anothers!

If you see a pen lying around (that does not have an obvious owner!), pick it up! It just might be your new favorite!  This one is a Uni-ball Jetstream…lovely to draw with.

0 thoughts on “No Pen Left Behind

  1. Johanna says:

    These drawings are gorgeous. I love the way the line doesn’t quite go all the way around the flowers or the can, but leaves something to imagination. Well done!

  2. Alex Tan says:

    awesome! I found a pen one time too but I didn’t think of using it to draw…just to write. Thanks for the idea Jennifer! It kinda feels like it’s all free lines, since ya know, the pen itself is free ^^

  3. E*phi says:

    I’m sure the pen feels very comfortable about its new home. Pens that don’t really like you (or the other way round) usually don’t produce such great results! (I have to admit I’m a bit peculiar when it comes to pens or pencils “feeling good”, no matter how expensive or cheap the were.)

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