Not Giving Up

A couple of years ago, I had this idea…

It was big. A bit unwieldy. Not altogether formed in my mind. Such are the beginnings of many ideas that traipse through my head and heart. Some of them stick around. Some of them don’t. This one did.

The idea just needed the Covid shutdown to set the wheels in motion for seeing this project through. I am not finished at the writing of this post. But I am well underway, having completed one of three woven panels, a special work for our Church foyer.

I won’t say much more about the overall concept nor will I share the completed panel…yet. That will come in due time. But what is interesting to note, is how these long term types of projects always seem to follow a pattern. Something like this:

Phase One: Idea lands in my head…it is rolled around to view it from as many sides as I can to get the scope of it…determine that said project is too big for the crazy full life I was living then…decide to put it on a way back burner until life “opens up”. Ha!

Phase Two: Years later, life does indeed “open up”, often due to difficulty of some kind (coronavirus this time)…energy is high for embarking on such an unwieldy project…break down the large idea into smaller more manageable pieces…begin with first small bite-sized work.

Phase Three: Deep into the project, where there is no going back but still a huge mountain ahead, I begin to wonder what in the world was I thinking??!…once again I must resolve to just take the next small bite-sized piece and work on that.

Phase Four: A light at the end of the tunnel is appearing and there is great joy and energy…but life has a way of interrupting the good flow of available time and energy to actually do the work…must once again resolve that even if life is whirling out of control in some areas, that I can devote small amounts of time to the project and in so doing, I will certainly arrive at the mountain top eventually.

Phase Five: Project complete…yet a flood of other considerations I hadn’t even thought of come into play…how to hang/display it…how to show/share it…Is it “good”? (That horribly unhelpful word)…will anyone like it?…etc…etc…

It is a process I am very familiar with but it surprises me every time! I really should just write the phases down on huge poster board to remind myself that these junctures along the creative path are normal and can be worked with and through by just taking those small do-able steps and not giving up.

Yes… Not. Giving. Up. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Not Giving Up

  1. Phyllis Alden says:

    It’s been Wonderful to see your emails again. Your project phases are right on target. We’re all doing well, as I hope you can say of yourself all those you love. I’m still making baby blankets for my pediatrician friend to give to clients…and for Project Linus. Have taken up learning how to play the harp as well. My best silver lining so far from Covid, besides health, is my wonderful online teacher who is Patient, kind, and funny.
    May the Joy you bring return to you multi-fold every single day, Jennifer.

    • Jennifer Edwards says:

      Phyllis!!!! How wonderful To hear from you! Oh I’m so glad you are still making things and …the harp?! Wow! That is really cool! I’ve been having strange inklings to pick up my violin again and play. Or practice rather. Thank you for your kindness in writing here! Yes, we are all healthy at this point! Have a beautiful day Phyllis!

  2. Nancy J Nicholson says:

    Your phases are spot on, and I don’t think the doubt ever really goes away. But I love that you/we keep pressing on. I always think there’s a time and a place, and it’s not our plan, but His. Too bad we always want to get in our own way.

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