Note to Self


To my knitter self in future:

If you see a cute pattern you would like to knit and you think a particular person would love to have this, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT ask said person to choose the yarn.

‘Cause if you ask said person to choose the yarn, they just might choose a very dull colorway that does not inspire you in the least.


And if the colorway doesn’t inspire you, then you are apt to knit said item very slowly, finding all sorts of other things to do rather than to knit said item.

And if you’re finding all sorts of other things to do rather than knitting said item, then you will find yourself putting this item away in favor of knitting other items.

And if you are knitting other items with lovely vibrant colors, then you will forget all about said item you thought would be so cute for her.

And if you forget all about the dull color thing, then it might just sit in a closet somewhere for a year.

And if it sits in a closet for a year, and if you find it and have also forgotten about the dull color, then you just might start knitting it again.

And when you start knitting it again, you’ll get bogged down in the dull color and will need to call forth your inner stalwart knitter to keep on knitting no matter what.

And when you keep on knitting no matter what, you’ll realize you do love knitting just for the sheer process of it, the genius engineering of it all, the clicking of the needles.

And even though you realize all of this, you will still know that it is COLOR that makes those needles sing…bright, lovely, gorgeous color!

And so next time you see a cute pattern you want to knit for someone, you will, hopefully, NOT ask them to choose the yarn, but rather pick something that you think they would like AND that you would love to have moving through your fingers for the duration of the project.

This is my note to myself!

*If you are interested in knitting these very cool Yoga Socks: Click Here for Patons free pattern! Just be sure to choose a yummy color you LOVE! 🙂

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