Ode to Watercolor

Your oozles & wazzles delight me no end.

Your drips, runs, and splatters I shall not try to blend.

Your sedimentary washes, your crisp clean edges

Cause me to make a bouquet of pledges:


I shall not restrict your frolicking play

Only when needed to enhance your display.

I will freely allow your surprising mingles.

I shall employ dry brush, but only in singles.


I watch others wrestle you within their bounds…

I almost hear you wailing, “Call out the hounds!”

If others accuse that my paintings are sloppy,

I secretly vow to be even more gloppy!


Your colorful allure has me aflutter;

This lovely chaos verges on clutter.

To let you breathe,run, and skip is my daily delight.

May others be willing to let you take flight.


–Jennifer Edwards 6/1/09

Front Door

Though watercolor is at its best on good 140 lb.+ paper, I do like how it behaves on cheap paper!  Here are a couple of quick sketches of the outside of my house and the inside of my kitchen.  Mmmm…love that paint!

My Kitchen

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  1. Margaret says:

    Your poem and your paintings are a perfect match! Love them all! I struggle to paint ‘loose’ and usually loose the battle. So good to see it well done.

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