Of Teacups and Memories…


Simple things can bring back worlds of sweet memories…like my “china”, which isn’t really fine china, but is what I chose to be my china when I got married 21 years ago today. These were the dishes my grandmother Catherine had in her home that she had chosen as a bride as well. Franciscan Desert Rose handpainted stoneware has been around for many years. I received a full set when I got married and then years later, when my grandmother passed away, I received all of hers. There is a difference in her dishes and mine–hers are not as chunky, they are finer and have more of an embossed edging, and the handpainting is lighter and more delicate. They take me back to days of our whole family sitting around her table eating amazing home-cooking while she sat on a stool at her kitchen counter ready to serve us during the meal. Both of her boys, my dad and his brother, would plead with her to come sit with us at the table, but she would refuse. It was not done in a martyrs fashion, but she rather seemed to delight in providing and serving a scrumptious full-course meal crowned by her famous pecan (pronounced “pee-kan”) pie.  I have loved serving meals on these dishes over the years. I have perhaps used them more often for tea parties with girlfriends.  These dishes have seen numerous types of scones, devonshire cream, jams, fruit compotes, and of course, English Breakfast tea–my favorite.  And lest you think that I have been the one cooking the Christmas and Thanksgiving meals…it is usually my incredible chef husband who has cooked standing rib roasts with Yorkshire pudding, asparagus and au gratin potatoes, etc.  I am thankful for this man, for 21 wonderful years together, for my grandmother, and her legacy, which is not just her dishes.  And I’m thankful for drawing…the simple act of slowing down enough to remember all that I have been granted.

0 thoughts on “Of Teacups and Memories…

  1. JJ Foley says:

    The drawing is beautiful and your story makes me think of my own long-ago meals and the dishes that we remember and use today. Beautiful blog post.

  2. Aveen says:

    I love this story and I love the illustration – so pretty. Happy anniversary, and I hope you have many more years of health and happiness together 🙂

  3. alissa says:

    Yes, an absolutley beautiful painting of your tea cups. Lovely delicate colours, shapes and shadows. I really enjoyed the words too. So glad you added this personal story

  4. Liz Steel says:

    this is such a lovely post and sketch. This year I have developed an obsession with teacups and fine china – haven’t started collecting them yet but I do have one cup that is over 100 years old. Great memories and a great subject to draw! thanks – this has made my day!

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