On a Whim

I live in skirts through the summer and early fall…nothing is cooler or more comfortable. I’ve been trying to find a skirt or two in local shops, but none that does anything for me or is the right style or fit. Alicia Paulson, one of my favorite people (blogger, designer, crafter, crocheter, etc…I just know we’d be fast friends if we ever met:) made a couple of wrap skirts for herself here recently. And that set me to thinkin’ about all the scraps of fabric and trims and buttons I have. So here’s my first attempt which I don’t think turned out too badly. I just used the shape of a skirt I like, added the extra for the front overlap of a wrap and went from there. Of course, none of the trims were enough to go all the way around the skirt, so I just added new ones and I like the melange look of it. I think for my next skirt, I really want to get some of that plaid patchwork stuff Alicia made a skirt out of…and then maybe I’ll make another “melange” skirt…then again, by that time, I’ll probably be onto some other whim…oh me, such is my life. Sometimes I think this is a grave fault of mine…something like creative ADD…but then other times, when I just go with the flow, it’s so much fun…i’m never bored! Is there such a word as “whimliving”? C’est ma vie!

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