On Arriving

In traveling, when you arrive, you’re really just beginning. We spent two days traveling from Kernersville, NC to Grand Rapids MI and when we got there, the same flurry of activity that got us into our car, had to happen all over again to get out of the car and into our on-campus apartments. That’s plural…since we had to move out of the first apartment within an hour or so of arriving…more flurry.

I am not a creature who loves change, much to my own disappointment. For a girl who dreams of adventures and travel, you’d think I would sail through hours and hours of driving in a car, hotel overnights, living in on-campus housing, etc. What I find myself needing are some of the same things my life “back home” consists of: daily walks, time to think and write out on a deck, nature, knitting, and drawing. Oh, and trips to Panera for good food and wi-fi!

These things help anchor me. One might say they are crutches, but I prefer to think of them as stabilizers…activities which ground me in something of who I am, no matter where I am, and provide a sense of security, else I just might fly apart into a million pieces. No one in my family wants that.

These little iPad drawings are such fun, as well as being grounding. When we got settled into our second apartment, got a few needed groceries (from a grocery store so mammoth it made Walmart seem tiny) we were treated to a picnic for all the families attending the Seminars at Calvin. The above two drawings are of the fountain area where we had barbecued chicken, salmon, cole slaw, and gooey brownies. A great way to celebrate arriving and launch a beginning…two weeks of study for my husband, two weeks of swimming and diving for my kids, two weeks of drawing and knitting for me. I hope you’ll keep popping in to see what the iPad cooks up for you:)

The above drawing is from the outside looking into our apartment…Randy’s feet are propped up while he reads, getting ready for the weeks ahead.

0 thoughts on “On Arriving

  1. Shirley says:

    Fun following your adventures – and I understood completely how your usual activities “ground” you. I can’t leave home without some of mine – sketchbook and art supplies, journal for daily writing, books to read, and something to sew/quilt.

  2. Timaree says:

    Sounds like a great working vacation time for the family. Love the style of your drawing program. It’s different but effective.

    I like my grounders too. I take a bag full of snacks for even a 3 hour drive! My husband never quits teasing me about. I now travel with my Ipod, my laptop and my kindle plus some art supplies. It’s finding room for the clothes that is the problem anymore.

  3. nancy t says:

    I hope you enjoy your stay here in the Mitten! I bet Grand Rapids has at least 1 Panera where you can go to relax. Have a great time! I love seeing the drawings you’ve been doing on your iPad. nancy

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