On the Fringe*

Making fringe is SO much fun!

You will need the following things:

*Yarn(s), *Scissors, *Crochet Hook (size I, J, or K), *Cardboard cut 5″ x 5″-7″.  (You decide the second number. It determines how long your fringe will be.)

1.  Starting at the bottom of your cardboard, wrap the yarn around and around lots of times!

2.  Cut yarn along bottom edge of cardboard.

3.  Choose 3-5 strands (you can really choose as many or as few as you like).

4.  Insert crochet hook into bottom corner of end of knitted/crocheted edge.

5.  Drape center of yarn over crochet hook and pull it through the knitted/crocheted edge.

6.  With yarn still on crochet hook, wrap all of the yarn around the hook and pull it through this loop.

7.  Remove hook and tug on yarn ends to secure fringe.

***Work fringe across edge of knitted/crocheted piece as desired:

a. All one color.

b. Alternate two or more colors.

c.  Alternate different fibers and textures.

d.  Combine fibers and textures in each individual fringe.

e.  Place individual fringe close together OR with space in between. In the above photo, I placed fringe every other stitch on the edge to allow for the multi-yarned fringe.  If you wanted to use only 1 or 2 pieces of yarn, you could add the fringe in every stitch.  You can also leave several stitches OPEN in between fringe.

f.  You can TRIM across the ends to make them nice and even OR leave them free like I have here.

Once again, YOU are the boss, you design your fringe any way you’d like!  In so doing, you are making it your own, being creative, celebrating what’s uniquely YOU.

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