Owls All Around Me

Can you take it? One more drawn “selfie” in a recent knit? I’m not prone to selfies, but if it allows me an opportunity to draw a face and a bit of knitting…well, ok.


I received this gorgeous dusty blue Baby Alpaca Grande yarn by Plymouth from my mom for Christmas. I knew just the thing I wanted to knit with it–Kate Davies’ Owl Sweater.


Macy and her bird friends are seen here approving the yummy Alpaca yarn for the Owl Sweater.


Yes, the sun comes out when I knit. Here’s the post about this collage page. And here’s my pattern for these fun and easy owls to crochet!


I wasn’t sure I had enough for the long sleeves, but actually preferred a short sleeve version I thought I could devise from the long sleeved pattern. It worked beautifully. A perfect pattern.


Though next time, I think I’ll  make it without the waist shaping. I enjoy roomier sweaters that flow a bit rather than hug.


But I like it all the same, even if I do feel a smidge like a football player with owls peering out from every angle around my shoulders! Ha!

Very fun to knit and to draw! Yet somehow my drawing ended up looking a bit, well…bobble-headed. Or like a caricature. I dunno. Something to do with the proportion of my head to that of my shoulders. Anyhoo. Drawing what one has knitted is like the icing on an already delicious cake. If you’re a knitter, you should try it! Keep a little journal of your drawings and sketches of the things you’ve knitted or crocheted. Or better yet, tuck that drawing down in the page protector with the pattern and a little snippet of the yarn you used to create that knit. Make a few notes as to how you modified it, what you would do in future if you made that piece again, and date it. I have several journals like this from years gone by and it’s fun to see what I had made for the kids and when.


Here’s a little treat for you knitters… if you do take a fancy to this idea of keeping a binder full of your knit and crochet patterns, both finished and not-yet-made. I like to buy the three ring binders that have a clear plastic overlay so I can slip a title page down in it for easy recognition of what’s in it. Here’s one for you to print off for your binder.

Knit. Draw. Document. Repeat. 🙂

0 thoughts on “Owls All Around Me

  1. ziggyshortcrust says:

    I love drawing selfies. I’m the only person who’ll sit long enough. I also shave off as few years and smooth out the wrinkles. This is beautiful! I love the little button eyes (that’s the owls of course).

    • jenpedwards says:

      The ARE fun to draw, even if they do seem a bit…well…self…absorbed. I guess it’s the same feeling I have when a photo is taken of me. But artists have been painting self-portraits for years, so perhaps we are in good company! Thanks for stopping by my blog…great to hear from you again! I hope your having a lovely time drawing these days!

  2. Michelle says:

    Great post. I’m glad I clicked through from your FB post and saw the original and drawn selfie and not just the knitting!!

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