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Can I attempt to entice you once again to come out for my Art Show this Saturday? From 4-6 pm at Southwinds Gallery here in Kernersville, you’ll see this painting and many more of my town. I’ll also be signing books, both Genevieve and the Kite and Letters to an Artist.  I am walking around on a cloud these days feeling quite blessed by the goodness of it all.

The above drawing/painting is from our Ciener Botanical Gardens. There is a main area where I often sit and draw the various views, moving my chair around in that area. But just behind it, towards the “back” of the Gardens, is another area, a quieter less tended area. I like it for that reason. I often sit there drawing the flora and fauna with a view of Main Street Methodist Church in the distance. I absolutely LOVE it when the bells start ringing out a hymn tune! One couldn’t ask for a more perfect setting in which to draw!

And here’s one of the recent rhyming ditties I got down on paper–

This Strange

What be this strange which takes over my mind?

Words that tumble in rhythm and rhyme?

Is it a virus lasting only a time?

Or an inner well I had only to find?


Do the watery words stay calm in the well?

Unnoticed, unheeded, no fanfare, or bell…

‘Til such a season when the waters swell,

Bubbling up, spilling out of my pen pell-mell.


Whatever it be, this strange is a friend.

Who comes ‘round to greet me time and again.

At first I am shocked, a presence I cannot fend.

Just this one bucket– then it will end!


But no, this strange, it lingers a while.

As word after word, we mark out the miles.

One day I’ll cry “Uncle!” from under the pile.

But for now I pull buckets wearing a smile.




**I hope your creative well is brimming over for you this week! And I also hope to see you Saturday! Can’t wait to tell you all about it!

0 thoughts on “Painting & Poem

  1. pockettrikeed says:

    And I am smiling from ear to ear
    As I to that well am drawn ever so near
    Fall in, again and again
    Seduced by your words and colorful pen
    To leap from the world of a secure realist
    Into the unknown arms of the creative abyss

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