Painting with Yarn

I’ve been working on this freeform piece for a while now…off and on in between all the other projects I have going. The term “freeform” seems to be a fairly loose term. I’ve seen work that is called “freeform” and it simply looks like a multi-yarned, knitted or crocheted item using fairly regular stitch patterns that could easily be translated into a pattern for replication. But then, other freeform work looks like an abstract painting…irregular stitch patterns and a variety of yarns worked into unusual shape patterns and textures–YUM! A pattern for this method of working with yarns would be highly laborious, if not altogether impossible to write down. I’m drawn to the latter method of freeform perhaps because of my love for painting and drawing, but moreso because it highlights everything that is wonderful about yarn–color, texture, and form. It is, as the name says, very freeing to go wherever you want to with whatever yarn and any kind of stitch! There is a good book on all kinds of freeform work by Jenny Dowde titled Freeform Knitting and Crochet. I have not yet gotten any of Prudence Mapstone’s books on the subject but I enjoy her website (see Purls section). This piece of mine will eventually be worked into a purse with bamboo handles and a fabric lining. I’ll post it when I’m finished…who knows when that will be?

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