Good things come in pairs…like arm warmers in the colors of winter and laced up the side with sky blue AND a free-wheeling bolero made with “left-overs”. I love the look of crochet stitches with huge yarn. I can’t find a substitute for Rowan’s Big-Wool…it is simply the best for its loft, colors, softness, everything. There’s a bit of Rowan’s Country Wool in here too…lovely. I’m swooning over crochet right now…I don’t know what comes over me, but sometimes I’m so crazy about crocheting I can hardly stand to put it down and I’m grumpy when things (or people) get in the way. I feel badly about the latter, because, REALLY now, crocheting isn’t worth that, but there it is…the state of my creative frenzy…I have a loovely granny square going in pinks which will, I hope, become a shrug eventually; I finally started a beautiful, lace-up-the-back crocheted tank in Blue Sky silk, and I’m still working on the colorful blanket, and I have so many other crochet projects that I’m itching to start! I ‘m also having a blast with my beginning crochet class…3 lovely ladies all picking it up so quickly! And the knitters in my Monday night beginning knit class are equally as wonderful and quick to learn. Then there’s Maggie’s crochet through the week…my husband does not understand how I can work so much with all things knitting and crocheting and STILL come home to pick up hooks and needles as if I didn’t skip a beat. Truly, my jobs only serve to fuel the flame of my love for yarn, for creating something pretty out of strings. I’m grateful for all of it!

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