Penciled Friends

For some strange reason, I was struck with a desire to draw with a pencil.  It’s not my usual thing.  But I enjoyed it here, drawing some friends of ours at a cook-out.

I have many pencils…graphite sticks, water-soluble graphite, wood-encased pencils, solid graphite pencils, grease pencils, charcoal pencils, color pencils, etc.  I love breaking out of my well-worn (and beloved) ruts to try stuff I don’t usually use.

I seem to be doing a lot of it lately.

And it’s so much fun!

P.S. Hope your Memorial Day is full of rest and hanging out with family or friends…maybe a cook-out!

0 thoughts on “Penciled Friends

  1. Timaree freebirdsings says:

    Nice picture. I tend to use pencil whenever I think I might want to erase lines or when I don’t want lines to show up in my finished work. Since they can be erased it’s easy to get too reliant on them so then I have to make myself pick up a pen! Not staying in a rut is a good goal. I get bored easily so switching tools helps that.

    • jenpedwards says:

      Well, this one I drew from a photo my husband took of our friends. At night, after everyone’s asleep, sometimes I like to browse the photos we have taken that are displayed on my ipad and draw from them. I do wish I had taken my sketchbook to this event. But the sweet little girl pictured here would not have stayed put long enough!!

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