Tomorrow is my birthday. They seem to come ‘round more quickly nowadays. Quite the opposite of this beautiful hap I’m knitting.

A “hap” is a Scottish term for a square shawl. It can also be rectangular but it typically begins in the center and is worked round by round (even though it is a square!😃) until the desired width is achieved or until your yarn runs out.

In so many ways I wish that the journey around and back to the marker (a birthday) would take longer with each passing year. More time to watch my kids become the beautiful human beings they are. More time to be with my parents. More time to create lovely things. More time to knit.

In other ways I would not want it so. Aging brings more challenges both personally and for family and friends. I would not wish to elongate the endurance required for these difficulties. Perhaps it is a mercy that I perceive time to be speeding up as I age.

(All handspun yarns to be knitted into the Hap.💖)

Perhaps it is I who must slow down to really soak it all in.

Perhaps I do well to marvel and coo over each knitted stitch, though it is an automatic thing my hands can do without looking, without even thinking.

Perhaps this Hap is reminding me, with every lengthening round, to sink into its midlife plodding and to recount the beautiful days of spinning each of these yarns. To remember spinning the colors on the back deck in spring, enjoying the textures as dinner simmers on the stove, gazing at the fibers as they whirl into an organized line even when life feels far from organized.

Perhaps tomorrow, as I mark 55 years, I will sit and knit one round, recounting the laughter of my family, the dear friendships in my life, and the God-given mercies I experience daily.

Perhaps a Hap is a truly good thing to knit.💖

***I am knitting the Picnic on the Path Hap, a gorgeous design by Patricia Fortune.

14 thoughts on “PerHaps

  1. Lannie says:

    Happy, Haopy Birthday, Jen!
    What a wonderful post. And yes, a hap is a wonderous thing to knit, especially from your gorgeous hand spun yarn. Savory every stitch. Can’t wait to see it done ~

  2. Juli says:

    Beautiful EVERYTHING. Thoughts, words, creations, all. Happy Birthday and wishes for many more years of health and happiness!

  3. Mary Ellis says:

    How lovely, Jennifer, that you have a tangible way to “mark the time”! Your creativity has produced such beauty, not only in your creations, but in your life – and you have such a good way of appreciating and expressing it! I hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow and every day – looking forward to celebrating with you next week!

  4. Ruth says:

    Happy, Happy Birthday!! Where I live in Pennsylvania, a hap is a comforter/quilt that’s tied, not quilted, made out of scraps, the best parts of used clothing, etc. It’s nice to learn that word has another meaning! I truly do appreciate your thoughts about your stitches. Memories are worked into them – I’m an old crocheter – I know all about that. No one will ever know what you’ve put into it, the parts of your life that aren’t easily put into words, treasures known only to you. Your work is beautiful, testament to your beautiful self.

    • Jennifer Edwards says:

      What a beautiful way to word what goes into our creations! Thank you Ruth for sharing with me what a Hap is in your neck of the woods. I think of those as crazy quilts where parts of clothing have been haphazardly stitched together and gorgeous stitches in between the oddly shaped fabrics. Such memories in that as there are in my knitted Hap. Blessings to you today and keep on making things…it is good for our soul and for the world! – Jennifer

  5. Martha says:

    Happy Birthday, friend! I love finding you again in my inbox. Enjoy your trip around your hap tomorrow. I am wishing you many more joy filled trips around the sun.

    • Jennifer Edwards says:

      Thank you so much Martha! I had a lovely birthday and am now knitting with the final color and lace pattern on my Hap! I hope you are doing well these days and making lots of lovely things as well as sharing it with others! Love to you, Jennifer

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