Picking Up Where I Left Off


I’m not sure why we put some things down and leave them behind for a while. But when I return to them, it’s like a reunion of sorts. There’s “Oh I’m so glad to see you!” And things seem fresh and new and you find delight in them all over again. So it is with my poor neglected Knitterly Arts blog. And so it was with a blanket I pulled out of the place where yarny WIPS go. Oh joy! What fun! And the hooking began again in earnest, propelled this time by a desire to give it to my oldest daughter for her to take back with her after Thanksgiving weekend.

You see, I started this chevron blanket several years ago when she was in high school. I planned on giving it to her in time for her to go away to college. Meh. That didn’t happen and somewhere along the way it was tucked away. And I just pulled it out a few days before she came home for Thanksgiving this year. She is now a junior in college. Meh. Oh well. I think it still counts!!

While she was here, I kept having her hold the blanket up to her, asking her how long she wanted it to be. “Just a bit longer” mom, she said a couple of times. Yes, I’ll gladly do that to enjoy this blanket just a bit more. I was so close to the end when I packed it away…what was I thinking??


But now she has it with her at school, keeping her warm at night or while she studies in her room. I like that thought. A little bit of me is there with her in her college world. Watching over her. Staying close. Is that a bit much to ask of a crocheted blanket? Perhaps. But I like the thought anyway.:)

And…I’ve now begun another crochet blanket! I’ll show you soon! Almost at the very moment I began to work on finishing this one, I had dreams of the colors and stitch pattern I wanted for the next one. Really and truly DREAMING of it!! Is that crazy? I do hope you do this too. For I don’t want to be the only one who is kept awake at night by thoughts of colors and yarns and stitch patterns and… Well. Meh.

I do wish I could reference for you the pattern I used for Catherine’s Chevron blanket. I know I got it out of a magazine and if I find it in future, I’ll let you know. It is a quite simple pattern, easy to follow and get into one’s head so that the pattern is long left behind and you can get into the hooking zone quite quickly. Here’s a close-up of the chevrons…aren’t they lovely?


It truly is the season for blankets here in my southern part of the United States. I’m hoping I will finish this newly begun blanket THIS WINTER, for I fear I may put it away come spring and it will languish like this one did for who knows how long! So this is my goal! Finish the new one soon and keep up here on Knitterly Arts! I have so so many things to share with you I’ve made of late! Do stay tuned!

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