Placemat Pattern for YOU!


Some years ago, my mom gave me a couple of white cotton placemats that my Grandma Bowen had crocheted. She was an avid maker (artist, knitter, crocheter, embroiderer), as is my mom, and now me, and well… my girls are makers too!! It’s lovely to have a heritage of creativity, art and making!


So for some time now I’ve wanted to figure out how Grandma made these placemats. Since I only have two of them, they are used as centerpiece “doilies” (you can see the white one under the wooden pedestal in my photos) and I’ve often wanted to have a set of them to use under plates.


I’ve worked it out now in pattern form to share with you! It’s FREE for you to print off and enjoy! Do let others know about it if you like this pattern, but please give credit where it is due! I changed the edging a bit since I love the fan stitch and added the picots in keeping with Grandma’s version.


I’m now working on a set of them in multiple colors! I have the Fiesta dishware so I thought it would be fun to crochet different colored placemats to mix and match with the plates. I can still use just one if I like for centerpiece decoration.

I hope you enjoy making a set of these for yourself or for a gift. They work up quite easily, round and round you go.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend!


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3 thoughts on “Placemat Pattern for YOU!

  1. Char says:

    Hi Jennifer I came across your post on pintrest. I am in the process of trying to crochet your placemat. I”mean stuck on row 11 I’m totally confused. Could you you help me out please.

    Thank you

    Char from Washington state

  2. Barbara says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    At what skill level do you consider these lovely placemats. I just found your pattern today. I just finished crocheting the Table Lace Placemat found on Yarnspirations but it is ruffled like a doily. I am hoping to crochet the placemat with the picot border. I may have to ask about round 11 when I get to it. Do these placemats lay flat when finished or will they need to be blocked like I’m guessing I will need to do with the placemat I just finished.
    Thank you.
    Barbara in Texas

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