Pocket It!

Making your scarf into a Pocket Scarf is a very simple process:

*You might need to knit 6-8″ more to allow enough length for one pocket, twice that for two pockets.

1st: Fold up an end about 6″-8″ or however deep you want your pocket to be.

2nd:  Using a yarn needle and matching color yarn, begin at a corner and WHIP STITCH the seam together.

*WHIP STITCH: Insert threaded yarn needle up through edges of both seams, pull yarn through, then “whip” it around to insert the yarn needle up through the edges again just a little ways farther up the seam.  Pull the yarn snuggly, but not too tight! (I seem to say this a lot, don’t I?)

I suggest tying knots at the beginning and at the end to secure the seam. You can always come back and untie these knots before weaving the ends in.

3rd:  Weave in ends.

Repeat these 3 steps on the other seam.

Voilà…Instant Pocket!  You may wish to make the other end of your scarf a pocket also.  This is super for kids, but some adults love having their book or Kindle handy.

**You can also embellish the fronts of the pockets with buttons, ribbons, “scarf flowers” and such! See tutorials for all of these HERE. (Coming Soon!)

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