Poncho Love

I found a great book of patterns to knit and crochet titled Ponchos, Wraps, Capes & Shrugs! edited by Edie Eckman. This poncho is a variation on “Meg’s Poncho” pattern. I chose Noro’s Silk Garden, which is a lighter gauge yarn than the boucle the pattern calls for, but I love how it shows off the double crochet stitch and how the colors stripe so beautifully. This is a perfect example of how a piece “evolves” into something quite different from the pattern…as I crocheted, I noticed that every other row began with a small space between the turning chain and the first double crochet. This seemed a perfect way to do something different for the closure of the poncho. The piece shown in the book used four frogs, (which I adored and someday soon I’ll make the frog closure version with boucle yarn and all!) but this yarn and stitching seemed to beg for something different…buttons? ties? or ribbon? I thought the ribbon tied criss-cross would be perfect and voila! I kept thinking that the poncho seemed rather small, but when I tried it on, I loved how it fell to just above my elbows and the front and back points fall right below the waistline, making for an easy-to-wear, won’t-get-in-the-way poncho. Now I’m making a knitted version but with multiple yarns and I think I may use the same ribbon closure…and I might try to knit on a simple collar that falls open loosely at the top…? We shall see…

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